Fall Beer: Brewing With Enzymes

by Shopify API

Last week, we covered what fall beer styles and flavors will keep your customers coming back. Although the heatwave has not subsided, we spoke with Novozymes researcher and Tar Banks Brewing Brewmaster Mark Stevens to learn more about how enzymes can facilitate the fall beer brewing process. We have included the summary of each beer style so that you don’t have to jump back and forth between posts, so let’s dive in!

Oktoberfest Beers

Although Oktoberfest 2020 is canceled due to COVID-19, having this iconic historical beer on tap in October may help keep the spirit alive! Oktoberfest was first held in the early 19th century to celebrate the wedding of the crown prince of Bavaria and has evolved to become the world’s largest beer festival. Oktoberfest beer refers to both the beers specifically brewed for serving at the festival, and to beers brewed in the style of those typically served at the festival. Oktoberfest beers are traditionally lagers, with German-Style Oktoberfest Wiesens and Marzens being the most popular.

Mark: Oktoberfest beers are lagers and using Ultraflo® Max and Maturex® Pro would be ideal. These enzymes help increase mash yield, and encourage better runoff for a clean lager.


Pumpkin-infused anything is traditionally the name of the game for fall flavors in America. Coffee shops, bakeries and even major chain restaurants board the orange bandwagon after Labor Day weekend, regardless of the weather. Pumpkin-infused beer, unlike baked goods, does not have to be cloyingly sweet or dessert-like. They are typically spiced and toasty and reflect the complexity of pumpkin as an ingredient. There are countless styles of pumpkin-infused beers, ranging from Imperial Stouts to lighter ales. The possibilities (and punny names) are endless!

Mark: For Pumpkin-infused beers, Ultraflo® Max and even Attenuzyme® Pro would help boost the alcohol, and depending on the Attenuzyme® dose, could dry it out enough to highlight the pumpkin flavor with a crisp finish. I’m not typically a Pumpkin beer fan, but Southern Tier makes one that is heavy and sweet and also tasty. Attenuzyme® Pro could help boost the alcohol in low doses without drying it out too much. Also, depending on adjunct loading, Ceremix® flex could help with a very high adjunct bill.

Stouts and Porters

When the cooler fall weather finally arrives, what could be more satisfying than a rich, malty stout to warm customers from the inside out? Stouts and porters offer a darker and more filling option for customers seeking a comforting, seasonal beer. Brewing a flavorful porter or stout is a great way to experiment with adjuncts like coffee or chocolate and develop a truly complex beer that will keep customers coming back through the winter.

Mark: For Stouts and Porters, using Ultraflo® Max and Ceremix® Flex can be used to increase efficiency and let the brewer use very high adjunct loading and target very high gravity, especially for Russian imperial stouts. I’m planning to brew one soon!

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