Optimize Your Brewing Process With Enzymes

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Throughout the brewing process there are many opportunities for optimization without sacrificing quality and taste!

We offer a variety of enzymes that ensure your processes are right the first time and assist you in finding new ways to make the most of your brewing capacity. At the same time, we can help you save energy and water – no matter which raw materials you’re using.

When processing malted cereals and barley, wheat or other alternative raw materials:

  • Improve mash separation and beer filtration with the use of Ultraflo® Max
  • Optimize your processability, starch degradation and FAN release with Ceremix® Flex
  • Adjust your fermentability regardless of the raw material choice with Attenuzyme® Pro for attenuation control
  • Utilize the full potential of alternative raw materials without compromising processability and fermentability with Ondea® Pro

The limitations to raw material choice and processability have expanded significantly over the last few years thanks to enzymes. Traditionally, large quantities of well-modified malted barley was needed to for brewing recipes to achieve sufficient yield, efficiency and quality. Our enzymes are selected according to cereal-specific substrates and the relevant pH and temperature. Raw material optimization is not only about including more un-malted cereal in the recipes, but rather about achieving high consistency and efficiency in production and beer specifications without compromising quality and taste.

The use of enzymes for the reduction of wort and beer viscosity is the most widespread enzyme application in the brewing industry, and it is one of the first to have been used commercially throughout the years. The first filtration enzymes only contained β-glucanase activity, but today most filtration enzymes contain both β-glucanase and xylanase activities. The most advanced enzymes have the xylanase of the GH-10 family, which secures the lowest wort and beer viscosity.

Filtration enzymes are often added to all brews to level out fluctuations in brewing raw materials, to secure consistently high brewery performance, and to reach consistently high beer filtration rates. All of our filtration enzymes break down the unmodified cell walls from barley malt or from unmalted barley. The more intact the cell wall materials, the higher the dosage of enzymes required to attain acceptable brewhouse performance and beer filtration. The most advanced filtration enzymes, like Ultraflo® Max, provide significantly better performance, especially for beer filtration, compared with even the best well modified malt.

The correct enzyme solution should always fulfill your needs; weighing cost versus benefit is very important! If capacity and time is your focus, there will be a need for higher gravity, shorter mash separation time, and longer beer filtration cycles. In this case the lowest possible viscosity is highly desirable, and Ultraflo® Max is the answer. Ultraflo® Max is well suited for well modified malt, moderately modified malt, and blends of barley and well modified malt, up to 25% barley.

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To learn more about our products or how to use them to improve your beer production, schedule time with Brewmaster Mark Stevens!

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