Optimize Your Profits With Enzymes

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Enzymes are much more than a process aid and can also become a strategic tool for your brewing business.

In recent years, many brewers have made it a point to source their raw materials locally in an effort to support the community they operate in. Our enzymes make it possible to maximize local raw materials, which can not only reduce your input costs but can also support the local economy. Enzymes give you the flexibility to rethink the brewing process, especially in areas where alternative local raw materials can create difficult processing challenges.

Regional availability, cost and grade, as well as brewer and consumer expectations have always been a part of the selection of the raw materials. However, increasing cost pressure in the industry, especially in the context of COVID-19, has led to further brewing constraints. Many brewers are looking for pivot toward more cost effective and sustainable alternatives in their recipes. The industry is also challenged by seasonal and regional availability, fluctuation in price and quality caused by the current climate crisis affecting cultivation and harvest. Naturally, there is a need for stronger strategic focus on raw materials sourcing.

Enzymes have been utilized in brewing to improve processability, increase yield and secure wort and beer specifications. Broadly speaking, greater flexibility in the raw material sourcing is a great way to account for variability and fluctuations in both the grain market and raw material quality.

Our products are developed to work with the existing enzyme systems in the various grains (barley, malted barley, wheat etc.), or to help increase the degradation and utilization of other cereals. To ensure optimal processability and fermentability, different enzyme products are optimally combined according to the properties of the relevant raw materials. The individual enzymes in our products are developed to fill in what the natural enzymatic environment is lacking under the unique brewing conditions (substrate specificity, pH and temperature).

Brewing With Enzymes products deliver savings – whether it is raw materials, time, energy or even water, and can help your brewery upgrade your social sustainability profile. We believe that you, like us, understand that true progress cannot be achieved at the expense of the world around us. That is why sustainability is at the core of everything we do: our solutions and our business strategy. We strive to lead by example by implementing sustainable solutions into our own organizational practices as well as those of our external partners.

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