Pairing Holiday Food with Craft Beer

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When most people think about pairing food and alcohol, wine typically comes to mind. Over the last few years, beer has risen as a worthy contender for meal pairings.

Craft beer offers sophisticated layers and depth of flavor that pairs well with food, especially during the holiday season. In this post, we share some of our favorite comfort foods and what beers to pair them with.

Roasted or Fried Chicken

As the temperature drops, running the oven for a few hours or standing over a hot stove can seem a little more bearable. A perfectly golden roasted or crispy fried chicken is the perfect segue into holiday cooking. Both of these options also pair well with an amber beer or a sweet brown ale.

Hearty Roasts

Nothing says holiday like a hearty stew or slow roast, especially on a chilly weekend. A hoppy IPA pairs well with a rich pot roast, and cuts through the buttery meat and gravy to refresh the palate. A creamy stout pairs well with the lighter texture of a pork roast or chops, and complements the sweetness of the meat.

Cold-Weather Desserts

Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie... the warmly spiced fruit, nuts, and buttery crusts are the pinnacle of sweet holiday flavor. Both of these desserts pair well with either a sweet and creamy stout, or a lighter hefeweizen style beer for those seeking a lighter pairing.

Check out the enzymes that can help with brewing specific beer styles:

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