Using Brewing Enzymes to Improve Your Craft Beer Business

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For many craft brewers, brewing enzymes represent an untapped source of increased efficiencies, new flavor profiles to reach a new set of customers, improved financial returns, and ultimately improved beer quality.

Understanding Brewing Enzymes

Evidence suggests that the process of producing beer stretches as far back as the final division of the Stone Age, the Neolithic era between 8500 BC to 5500 BC. Across the globe, archaeologists have found evidence of beer making and fermentation across dozens of civilizations. Brewing enzymes have been a natural part of this process from the beginning, with many found naturally in the raw ingredients of the beer making process. Only in recent relative history have craft brewers realized the awesome potential of adding exogenous brewing enzymes to impact their brewing processes, outcomes, and final product.

Enzymes in nature are constantly working around us, transforming substances, creating energy, and speeding up processes – and brewing enzymes are no different. Created using biological materials replicating naturally occurring processes, brewing enzymes act as tailor-made catalysts, designed specifically to drive a particular biochemical reaction. Brewing enzymes are a robust version of those native to malted cereal grains, thus allowing craft brewers to take control of the brewing process and allow them the flexibility to be more creative in craft brewing.

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“Enzymes can be used not just for saving time and money, you can use enzymes to increase your efficiency, brew new styles of beer, such as Brut IPAs or low calorie beers, the use of higher adjuncts, such as wheats, oats, rice, or corn – or even a new raw material altogether.”

- Mark Stevens, Senior Research Associate at Novozymes and Founder of Tar Banks Brewing

How Brewing Enzymes Impact Your Business

A central benefit to the use of brewing enzymes is the increase in brewing efficiency. Depending on a brewery’s current efficiency levels, craft brewers utilizing brewing enzymes have gained between 5-25% efficiency. This increase in efficiency offers inherent financial returns by allowing brewers to generate more product with current ingredient supply.

Beyond the ability to brew more beer, brewers can also brew faster. As enzymes can be used to speed up or replace entire steps in the brewing process, breweries can achieve the same high-quality products in a shorter time frame. As businesses have been faced with shutdowns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this speed to market gain can be invaluable to recoup lost sales.

Outside of improving the actual brewing process, many enzymes also help brewers create entirely new styles of beer. As many craft beer makers continue to experiment and explore with new types of beer and raw ingredients, enzymes can ensure that a shift to a new ingredient doesn’t create a shift in production efficiency. Instead, enzymes help break down non-traditional ingredients to allow brewers to do what they do best – create new flavors and high-quality beers that delight customers.

Enzymes also allow brewers to improve their environmental impact for a more responsible and sustainable brewing business. A 2015 study The use of enzymes for beer brewing: Thermodynamic comparison on resource use reports that “beer produced using enzymes reduced the use of water, raw materials and natural gas by 7%, 14% and 78% respectively.” In today’s environment, where the consumer is hyperaware of the impact of their purchases on the environment, brewers that can show support and demonstrative commitment to the same ideals as their customers can engender stronger brand loyalty and customer advocacy.

Brewing Enzymes - The Bottom line

Brewing enzymes have the potential to make your brewing process better, help you reach new customers, and enable a more financially and environmentally sustainable business.

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