Why we love craft beer

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Today is National Beer Day, and we want to celebrate with you! We know that you have a passion for craft beer, and we here at Brewing with Enzymes share that passion with you! Today we're going to hear from some of our Brewing with Enzymes team, as well as some of the brewers we work with, about what they love about craft beer.

"I love craft beer because there are so many varieties of craft beer styles and flavor profiles that are sure to catch anyone's attention. Craft beer also highlights the passion of the brewer that created it and I think that is what makes craft beer so unique and delicious!"

-Mark Stevens, Brewing with Enzymes

"I was attracted to craft beer for more than a few reasons, but chief among them was the collaborative, friendly nature of the brewing community That same trait translates to another facet that I appreciate, which is how much craft brewers focus on being an integral part of their local communities. Whether it's through community events, local employment and vendor relationships, or just having a fun place to go to enjoy the company of your friends and family. Craft beer is as much about people and place to me as it is about liquid."

-Matt Insco, Chihuahua Brewing

"I love craft beer because it is as unique and diverse as the human species. There is one for every palate! From the ingredients to the process, this is no true definition to perfection."

-JD Angell, White Street Brewery

"The thing I love most about craft beer is the creativity. Brewers are always pushing the limits, trying new things, and expanding the universe of what is considered 'beer'. It's rare to have this kind of innovation in a field that also has such a long and storied tradition. Yet the interplay between those two forces makes the craft beer scene incredibly rich and exciting in a way you don't often find in other fields."

-Aaron Gervais, Otherwise Brewing

"I love having the diversity of the craft beer. How? I can basically say what I like and the brewer can tell me which beer I should try. I say I don't like bitterness, I like fruity flavor, and I like lots of foam, and I can find the perfect beer for me!"

-Dilek Austin, Brewing with Enzymes

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