Product Benefits Overview

Brewing With Enzymes provides solutions for the most common commercial craft brewing challenges. Whether you need to save time, money or raw materials, or you just want to create the world’s coolest beer, we have an enzyme products to optimize your brewing process. Let us help you put the craft back in craft beer, and brew beer better.

Better Flow:
Ultraflo® Max

  • Increase brew house efficiency and save on material costs
  • Consistent and high-speed wort filtration
  • Consistently increase brew house capacity, minimize brew house and beer filtration capacity cost
  • Avoid stuck mashes
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate production variations due to varying quality of raw materials
  • Helps to increase yields during High/Very High Gravity Brewing
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Starch Degradation Boost:
Ceremix® Flex

Process simplification

  • Avoiding the cereal-cooking process
  • Processing of high-gelatinizing adjuncts via an infusion mashing process
  • Liquefaction of adjunct starch below gelatinization temperature through native starch de-branching enzymes
  • No need for cooling in case of very high adjunct inclusions
  • Eliminates costs spent on a cereal cooker

Raw material flexibility

  • Adjunct inclusion is completely flexible
  • Possible savings on raw materials replacing pre-gelatinized flakes

Energy savings

  • No need for cereal cooking
  • Potential shorter total mashing time and optimal temperature profile
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Unusual Raw Materials:
Ondea® Pro

  • Higher extract yield
  • Efficient wort and beer filtration
  • Control of FAN (free amino nitrogen) and fermentability
  • Improve foam stability and body
  • High adjunct decoction is possible
  • High Gravity Brewing with up to 26°P (first wort) is possible
  • Production of high-quality beer
  • Enables the use of unmalted barley
  • Flexible sourcing of raw materials*
  • These benefits are contingent upon raw materials used
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Hello, Attenuation:
Attenuzyme® Pro

  • Customized solutions to reach specific attenuation targets and needs
  • Manage consumer trends towards low-calorie and light beers
  • Opportunity to reach desired maltose to glucose ratios
  • Obtain the desired level of fermentable sugars every time
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Diacetyl, Be Gone:
Maturex® Pro

  • Prevents the formation of diacetyl and 2,3-pentanedione in beer (butter off-flavor)
  • Shorter maturation time leading up to higher-capacity utilization
  • Eliminate diacetyl rests
  • Reduce/eliminate Dry Hop Creep
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