Upgrade from rice hulls -
Better filtration and efficiency

Getting Stuck? Tired of overdosing the rice hulls? Try Ultraflo Max, it can reduce rice hulls requirement and possibly eliminate the need of rice hulls altogether. Some beers with Ultraflo Max can eliminate the need of rice hulls altogether, but some would still need rice hulls. This would vary among breweries as their processes and also potential malt grind size are different.

But Ultraflo Max can do much more compared to rice hulls, see some of the below benefits!

Avoid stuck mash

Say goodbye to stuck mashes, and brew with 60 % adjuncts or more!

Increase grist load

Increase grist loading and brew beers with higher ABV

Faster filtration

Achieve faster filtration and save time on lautering

Save money

Save money by getting higher efficiency and cutting back on raw materials.

Examples of how you can brew more efficienctly

60 % Adjunct

"I cut back 8 % on the materials for that beer, still getting 15 % improvement"

Hear how Mark brewed a 60 % adjunct Belgian Wit

We guarantee that you will save money

From a financial standpoint, there is no reason not to use Ultraflo Max in your brewing. With a low cost of €0.32 pr HL, we guarantee that you will save at least €1 pr HL, on saved raw material cost. That means you will at least have a net saving of €0.68 pr HL.

15 %

Potential Increase in efficiency*


Potential minutes  saving on lautering


pr HL


Guaranteed net saving pr HL

Price Comparison of Rice hulls vs. Ultraflo Max

Below comparison uses a 10 HL brew of a belgian wit as an example. It is assumed the price of Rice Hulls is €0.5/kg. Grist load is 250 kg 

-Rice HullsUltraflo Max
Volume (kg)9 kg50 g
Price4.5 €3.2 €
Saving010 € or more
Net saving- 4.5 €+ 6.8 €

So while rice hulls is an added cost, Ultraflo Max helps you save money. Sure, you may not become a millionaire by using Ultraflo Max, but it can help slightly on your production cost. And the main benefit is that it will help you get easier filtration/lautering, help with the extraction, and make it easier to hit the targets you are aiming for. Ultraflo Max outperforms rice hulls on all those parameters.

Should you use enzymes in your brewing?

Are you in doubt if your European brewery should use enzymes in your brewing?
Listen to Head Brewer J.D. Angell from White Street Brewing.
(White Street Brewing is located in North Carolina, and produces roughly 10.000 HL per year. Everything in this video is applicable for European breweries)

New to using enzymes?

How do you get started with using enzymes in brewing, and which enzymes should you begin with? If you are unfamiliar with enzymes or unsure how to get started, take a look at the below video. In this video J.D. all you need to know to get started, and talk about why a beta-glucanase enzyme (such as Ultraflo Max), may be the right enzyme to try and start with

What other people say about Ultraflo® Max

Hundreds of US brewers that have already been using Ultraflo Max with great results - below are a few. We will soon update with testimonials from European brewers, as we get European brewers to try the product. 

"I've now used Maturex and Ultraflo in a few beers and I've been very impressed with the results. ... I've also brewed several times with Ultraflow max. It really helped with a high wheat beer (a gose) and now that I’ve got the dosage right, it helps pretty significantly with my New England IPAs (pretty wheat and oat heavy). So, cheers to you all at brewingwithenzymes, I’m a pretty happy brewer over here."

- Matt White, Owner & Brewer at Beachcrest Brewing Company

"First time using it today and we raised the efficiency by 6% which is awesome. I’m sure we’ll be ordering in the near future. We appreciate your help!"

- Bruno Simão and Alex Boettcher, Brewers at Arundel Cellars Brewing Company

"Ultraflo Max has exceeded all of our expectations. We have increased our average brew house efficiency from ~75% to ~91% since using this product. It has become a MUST have during brew days!"

- Skylar Reed, Tradition Brewing Company

"The enzyme is working excellent on our high gravity and high adjunct beers! So far we have used it in a few higher gravity NE IPA's and have gotten 3-5% better efficiency. I think we can increase the number as we dial in the dosage rate. Our biggest success yet is a 19.5 Plato stout that we make a fair amount of this time of year. Its loaded with wheat and oats and is normally a huge pain to lauter and efficiency is all over the place/ inconsistent. With the Ultraflo we have been nailing our efficiencies and the ease/ time to lauter is saving us 30-60 minutes per batch, 3 batches per week."

-Andrew Blakeslee, Thomas Hooker Brewery

"It has increased our efficiency pretty noticeably and the runoff is much faster. I definitely want to try it on our recipes with a large amount of flaked and raw wheat."

-Ryan Bichon, Hoof Hearted Brewing

"We have been brewing with Ultraflo Max for about 2 months. This has been a life saver. Totally changes the viscosity of the wort and our pumps run so much smoother and because of that it also helps helps overall brew day efficiency. Thanks!"

-Jeffery Gattens, Four City Brewing Company

We know the content is American - but we are actually European

Novozymes is actually a Danish based company, and Ultraflo Max is produced in our main production site in Denmark. (Kalundborg) We have just started with offering Ultraflo Max to craft breweries in the US first, but we are now making it available to most European countries. (All countries in EU + Norway/UK)

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* If a 15 % potential increase in efficiency is possible, will highly depend on your existing efficiency. If you are already brewing at +90 % efficiency, you will obviously not be able to gain an extra 15 % and go above a 100 %. A 15 % increase in efficiency is most common in high adjunct beers with existing efficiencies of <75 % efficiency, doing a Single Infusion Mashing, or other non-step mashes. If you are already brewing at 90 % efficiency, you can realistically expect to increase your efficiency by a few percentage points.

Nevertheless, even if you are brewing at +90 % efficiency, the other benefit associated with using Ultraflo Max is still very relevant, and is used extensively by larger optimized breweries. Click the above button to learn more.If you have any specific question to the above you can contact us by clicking here: