Brewing enzyme - Ultraflo Max 500 gram bottle - faster filtration and increased brewing efficiency
Brewing enzyme - Ultraflo Max 500 gram bottle - faster filtration and increased brewing efficiency

Ultraflo Max

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Ultraflo Max help increase your brewhouse efficiency and extract and save on material costs, while reducing mash viscosity to avoid stuck mashes and sparges.

This also helps with quicker filtration, potentially saving 30 min on total lautering time.

How it Works

Ultraflo® Max is a high-performing blend of β-glucanase and an arabinoxylanase that makes it possible to degrade both major cell wall components to ensure minimum viscosity and get the best wort separation and beer filtration. This enzyme blend will break down β-glucans and arabinoxylans into non-viscous polysaccharides and thus increasing extract run off of a more concentrated wort.

Benefits of using Ultraflo® Max:

  • Increase brew house efficiency and save on material costs
  • Consistent and high-speed wort filtration
  • Consistently increase brew house capacity
  • Avoid stuck mashes
  • Helps to reduce or eliminate production variations due to varying quality of raw materials
  • Maximize flexibility of mashing temperature profile
  • Helps to increase yields during High/Very High Gravity Brewing
  • Minimize brew house and beer filtration capacity cost

What other people say about Ultraflo® Max

"I've now used Maturex and Ultraflo in a few beers and I've been very impressed with the results. ... I've also brewed several times with Ultraflow max. It really helped with a high wheat beer (a gose) and now that I’ve got the dosage right, it helps pretty significantly with my New England IPAs (pretty wheat and oat heavy). So, cheers to you all at brewingwithenzymes, I’m a pretty happy brewer over here."

- Matt White, Owner & Brewer at Beachcrest Brewing Company

"First time using it today and we raised the efficiency by 6% which is awesome. I’m sure we’ll be ordering in the near future. We appreciate your help!"

- Bruno Simão and Alex Boettcher, Brewers at Arundel Cellars Brewing Company

"Ultraflo Max has exceeded all of our expectations. We have increased our average brew house efficiency from ~75% to ~91% since using this product. It has become a MUST have during brew days!"

- Skylar Reed, Tradition Brewing Company

"The enzyme is working excellent on our high gravity and high adjunct beers! So far we have used it in a few higher gravity NE IPA's and have gotten 3-5% better efficiency. I think we can increase the number as we dial in the dosage rate. Our biggest success yet is a 19.5 Plato stout that we make a fair amount of this time of year. Its loaded with wheat and oats and is normally a huge pain to lauter and efficiency is all over the place/ inconsistent. With the Ultraflo we have been nailing our efficiencies and the ease/ time to lauter is saving us 30-60 minutes per batch, 3 batches per week."

-Andrew Blakeslee, Thomas Hooker Brewery

"It has increased our efficiency pretty noticeably and the runoff is much faster. I definitely want to try it on our recipes with a large amount of flaked and raw wheat."

-Ryan Bichon, Hoof Hearted Brewing

"We have been brewing with Ultraflo Max for about 2 months. This has been a life saver. Totally changes the viscosity of the wort and our pumps run so much smoother and because of that it also helps helps overall brew day efficiency. Thanks!"

-Jeffery Gattens, Four City Brewing Company

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Ultraflo® Max: Better Flow

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Ultraflo® Max: Better Flow